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"Frames is gripping entertainment..."
Lawrence Kasdan,
Academy Award-nominated Director and Screenwriter

 "Loren Estleman is the Stravinsky of hard-boiled prose--he never hits a wrong note."
John Lescroart, author of The First Law: A Novel


"Loren Estleman is my hero."
Harlan Coben, author of the
instant #1 New York Times bestseller
Hold Tight

 "...a true professional, a writer of a sort increasingly rare...so given to his work as to spontaneously combust to genius."

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[ news ]

Estleman received another lifetime achievement award,
this one from the Private Eye Writers of America.
The award, named The Eye, was presented during
the Albany, NY, Bouchercon, October 2013

Estleman received the Western Writers of America
Owen Wister Award for lifetime achievement
during the WWA convention's Awards Banquet
in Albuquerque, NM, on June 16, 2012

[ new books ]

May 6, 2014


[ From Forge Books ]

In prohibition-era Southern California, real life detectives Charles D. Siringo and Dashiell Hammett must solve a mystery involving a ruthless politician—Joseph P. Kennedy. With sharp dialogue and rich historical background, Ragtime Cowboys is an exciting, suspenseful tale in which the Old West and Hollywood collide.
Los Angeles, 1921: Ex-Pinkerton Charlie Siringo is living in quiet retirement when Wyatt Earp knocks on his door and asks him to track down his missing horse. What begins as horse thievery turns into a deeper mystery as Siringo and another ex-Pinkerton, the young Dashiell Hammett, follow clues that take them from the streets of Los Angeles to Jack London's farm, until they discover a conspiracy masterminded by the notorious and powerful Joseph P. Kennedy.

March 18, 2014


[ From Forge Books ]


The New York Times Book Review - Marilyn Stasio
[Estleman's] latest Amos Walker mystery…is so old-school, with its world-weary private eye, cynical villains and sultry dames, that it's new again.

Publishers Weekly
In Estleman’s suspenseful, no-frills 23rd Amos Walker novel (after 2012’s Burning Midnight), investment banker Alec Wynn asks the cynical Detroit private detective to find his missing wife, Cecelia, who disappeared, leaving behind a note simply stating, “Don’t look for me.” Walker starts with Wynn’s ex-apprentice, who had an affair with Cecelia, but gets nowhere with him. With few leads, the detective tracks down the herbal remedies store that supplied Cecelia with a cabinet-full of pills, to see if anyone there has any idea of her whereabouts. The search has some unexpected twists, though readers of the genre won’t be surprised when the case turns violent. Estleman has few peers when it comes to giving his world-weary PI downbeat Chandleresque lines (“I thought I heard a bird singing, but it turned out to be a sanitation truck backing up in the next block”), which complement a lean but engrossing plot and a plausibly human lead.

June 11, 2013


[ From Forge Books ]

From the Publishers Weekly Review:
Edgar-finalist Estleman (Burning Midnight) presents a nuanced and compelling fictionalized portrait of the best-known gangster of them all, Al Capone. In 1944, J. Edgar Hoover pulls Peter Vasco off a desk job for a special undercover assignment. Capone is in Florida, dying of syphilis, and Hoover hopes the right person can get information from him that would enable the bureau to make cases against successors to his criminal throne. As Vasco’s father was acquainted with the mobster from a long-ago incident, the young investigator is tapped to pose as a priest and work his way into Capone’s inner circle to elicit what useful information he can. The book alternates between third-person description of Vasco’s efforts and a convincing first-person narration by Capone as he shares some of his secrets. Estleman captures his lead’s ambivalence at deceiving others for a greater good perfectly, and the directions the plot takes aren’t always foreseeable.
Agent: Dominick Abel, Dominick Abel Literary Agency. (June)

Estleman set up this "memory board" for quick reference.
It's a fair representation of the inside of his head all the time
he was writing The Confessions of Al Capone.

At 26, he was the most powerful crime lord in history.
He was barely 30 at the time of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
Click HERE to read

A Public Enemy Primer:
Little-Known Facts about Al Capone

by Loren D. Estleman

April 2013

A Valentino Mystery

[ From Forge Books ]

Bela Lugosi’s Frankenstein screen test puts Valentino in the picture for murder

Everyone knows the Frankenstein monster was played by Boris Karloff. But before Karloff's memorable portrayal, another famous 1930s Hollywood icon, Bela Lugosi, tested for the part of the monster.

The screen test footage was lost for decades, until Valentino, that never-say-die film archivist, gets a hot tip about the whereabouts of the incriminating (for really bad, heavily accented acting) footage. But it comes with a price far greater than the money he'll have to pay. Someone would kill to get that reel of film, and that makes Valentino a mortal obstacle who would rather not die for art. People have already been murdered for the film, and Val doesn’t want to push his luck…
but boy, that reel is too good to let go….

Enter a crew of steampunk fans. Loving the arcane strangeness that is Valentino’s life—not to mention the completely glam prospect of seeing the original filmic Count Dracula as the Frankenstein monster—they will find a way to save Valentino and Lugosi's infamous screen test. Or if they can’t do that, have a great party anyway.
Val just hopes it's not a wake.…

In Alive!, Loren D. Estleman delivers a mystery that only he can.

October 2012


[ From Tyrus Books ]

Authorized and licensed by
Estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

In this adventurous collection of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, readers will find themselves right by the legendary detective's side as he investigates a whole new series of crimes. While readers will recognize some of the stories, others like "The Serpent's Egg" are wonderful pieces they'll discover for the very first time.

Also includes three previously published essays, "Channeling Holmes," "On the Significance of Boswells," and "Was Sherlock Holmes The Shadow? (A Trifle)" that delve deeper into the daring world of Sherlock Holmes and the imaginative mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


The Walker short story collection was 2nd on the Mysterious Bookshop 2010 Best List,
which appeared in Entertainment Weekly.

[ September 2010 ]

Tyrus Books (Consortium, dist.), $32.95 (600p) ISBN 978-1-935562-24-5

In honor of Amos Walker's 30th anniversary (1980-2010), the author has compiled a mammoth 600-plus-page collection of all 31 Walker stories, with an introduction by Estleman and the new, never-before-published story, "Sometimes a Hyena."

From the Publishers Weekly Starred Review:
All the elements that have made Estleman one of the best hard-boiled writers of all time--just a notch below Chandler and Hammett--are present in these 32 short stories.
To read the full review, click here

From the Library Journal Starred Review:
Detroit's most famous gumshoe, Amos Walker, is back in this mammoth collection of short stories. The omnibus contains 32 tales, including the previously unpublished "Sometimes a Hyena," and flawlessly showcases Estleman's distinct and penetrating style.
To read the full review, click here

From the Bookgasm review:
AMOS WALKER: THE COMPLETE STORY COLLECTION is reason enough to not only celebrate, but finally acknowledge Estleman as one of the essential and influential authors of modern crime fiction, right up there with the likes of Ross Macdonald, Robert B. Parker and all the rest. It is essential reading.
To read the full review, click here

From the Booklist review:
Walker has a built-in audience of devoted fans; new readers who check out this sampler will be pleased to know they have 30 years of fine novels waiting for them.
To read the full review, click here


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175 5th Ave
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